Day Tours From Lome


1-Day Lome City Tour

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Discover Togo’s Capital Lome on a guided walking and driving tour. Get a historical and cultural overview of the country and a sense of everyday life in the city from our local guides. You will visit all the top attractions of the city. You will get the chance to shop and/or interact with the locals at the Grand Marche. The tour starts at the Independence Square and Palais des Congres. Then you'll visit the National Museum for an excellent historical and cultural overview of Togo. Then you will continue on to the Grand Marche and the Cathedral. We will help you navigate through this frantic, labyrinth of a market. You'll be driven to Akodessewa Fetish Market or Marche des Feticheurs,  the world’s largest Voodoo market, to learn about the rituals of this ancient religion.  


1-Day Voodoo & Village Tour of Togo

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Venture outside the Capital Lome on a full day guided driving, walking and sailing tour. This tour will give you a good sense of Togolese rural life and introduce you to the mysterious workings of the ancient African Voodoo. Your tour starts with a drive to Akodessewa Fetish Market, the largest fetish market in West Africa, to learn about the ancient Voodoo religion and its rituals. Then you'll continue your drive to Lake Togo along the coastal road. You will sail across the lake on a pirogue (traditional dugout canoe) to Togoville, the center for Voodoo practice in Togo and set out on a guided tour by a resident guide. Slave traders also once used Togoville as their point of departure for the Americas. After Togoville, you will visit the village of Agbodrafo on the shores of the Atlantic Coast (formerly called the Slave Coast) where an illegal slave trade once operated from the Wood Home or the La Maison des Esclaves.


1-Day Eco-Tour of Kpalime and Hike Mt Kloto from Lome City

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This is an excellent day excursion for those who want to escape the heat and harried life of the city. The cooler, lush and verdant Kpalime region is relaxing, calming and reinvigorating. Cool down at a waterfall. Visit traditional villages. Hike Mount Kloto and take in beautiful panoramas of the Kloto region. Embark on a spectacular butterfly safari. The day is yours to commune with nature! 

From your hotel in Lome, you will be driven to Kpalime and will set on a 2-hr walk through the village of Kouma Konda at the base of Mt Kloto and embark on a botanical excursion and butterfly safari. The natural streams and small pools of water in the woodland provide an ideal habitat for butterflies. The Mt Kloto area now has over 1,000 species of diurnal and nocturnal butterflies. It’s pretty incredible! The best time to see the butterflies is during the rainy season June-Aug, although there are plenty of butterflies all year round. You will enjoy a cool down and a picnic lunch by a waterfall (Kamalo). Then, you will hike Mt Kloto to its summit to enjoy a panoramic 360° view of the Kloto region and the Lake Volta region of Ghana on a clear day. The walk takes about 1-1.5 hr depending on your pace but we offer the option to drive you further up the mountain to shorten your walk to 15 min. Return to Lome. 


1-Day Adventure Tour of Kpalime and Climb Mt Agou from Lome City

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This is an excellent day excursion for those who seek nature and want a challenging physical adventure. You will climb Mount Agou, Togo’s highest summit at 986 meters. Along the way, you will visit a traditional village perched on the slope of the mountain. Then you will hike down a steep terrain to a hidden waterfall and pool for a refreshing cool down and swim. 

From Lome, drive for approximately 2 hours to Kpalime for a quick stop to pick up breakfast or coffee, then on to the mountain base where you will start your hike. Climb up a distance of about 6 km to the summit of Mt Agou, the highest summit in Togo at 986 meters. On the way down, visit the village of Dzigbe and get the chance to interact with the locals. Drive to Waterfall Wome for a cool down and swim. You will walk down a steep ground to reach the hidden waterfall and climb up the same way after your visit. Return to Lome.