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Explore Africa For Impact, doing business as “Explore Africa” and “Explore Togo”,  is a travel agency that promotes travel and tourism in Africa and is a registered Public Benefit LLC in the USA. Structured as a social enterprise, Explore Africa for Impact is committed to maximizing social impact in the communities that it works with, helping to create job opportunities and fund social programs.


Our Social Mission

We reinvest 100% of our net profits into the local communities in Togo, with a focus on funding social programs that value and support children and women’s health, education and development.


Our Core Values

We conduct our tours in a way that is respectful of our partners, their communities, their culture and their environment. We do this by building long term trust with our partners, supporting and investing in them in ways that reflect the needs of their communities something interesting about your business here.


We encourage and support our partners in strengthening their communities, conserving their cultures and traditions, and protecting their environment.

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